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Conservatory Roof Replacement

It’s easy to see why Edwardian style conservatories are still so popular today in the UK, given our climate.

With rain and cold winds taking up the majority of our weather patterns, it makes sense that our population should want to make the most of the little sun that we do get.

Whether you use your conservatory as a space to relax or entertain your guests, ensuring you have the very best conservatory space is key.

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First, ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ rafters are added to your existing conservatory window frames, including a GRP structural ring beam, rafters and ridge.

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Next, our internal sheets are added underneath the GRP rafters. Our sheets are 100% waterproof and one third the weight of plasterboard.

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Finally, a high quality Tapco or Metrotile roof is added. Both Tapco and Metrotile offer a classic roof finish dependant on your property and required cosmetic look.

Edwardian tiled conservatory roof with skylight roof

Edwardian Conservatory Roof

When it comes to the Edwardian style, the benefits are clear to see. Not only will the roof maximise the amount of light you receive in your conservatory and the room attached, but the floorspace will also be maximised.

With such space and light, those with the Edwardian style are allowed the freedom of doing whatever they choose with the space, whether it’s a case of using it solely to entertain friends or as an integral part of your daily living space.

Here at Transforming Conservatories, we’re big lovers of the Edwardian conservatory roof. The four sided roof offers a traditional appeal yet gives an elegant and ageless appearance to any space.

If light isn’t a huge consideration for you, then you may be interested to learn that you can now enjoy an Edwardian conservatory roof that’s tiled or slated too. 

Our tiled and slated Edwardian conservatory roofs are becoming more and more popular by the day.

Many are now choosing to replace their poly-carbonate systems for a solid tiled conservatory roof instead, available in either concrete tiles, clay tiles, quarried slate and even synthetic slate.

These offer a more contemporary appearance favoured by those looking for a more modern look.

Edwardian conservatory roof replacement with skylight ceiling

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