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Lean To Conservatory Roof Replacement

The simple, understated lines of a Lean To Conservatory mean that while it may be the obvious choice for the modern home, it doesn’t look out of place in a traditional setting either.

Its biggest benefit however is that it’s ideal for those with a little less space. Whether your conservatory sits closely under the eaves of a bungalow or you simply don’t have the outside space to offer, the style is perfect and it’s all down to the roof. 

The roof on a Lean To Conservatory can vary quite widely in terms of depth. It can be created so shallow that it fits underneath a bungalow roof or it can be created much steeper in order to look more in keeping with your terraced house.

lean to conservatory roof to tiled roof
lean to tiled conservatory roof

The reason they’re sometimes referred to as Mediterranean conservatories, or sunrooms and garden rooms is because they bring a little of that Mediterranean sunshine into your home.

They do so by trapping the winter sun and converting it into heat through the glass giving you that much needed warmth on those cold British days.

When it comes to Lean To Conservatories, think maximum space, maximum sunlight and great modern style.

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First, ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ rafters are added to your existing conservatory window frames, including a GRP structural ring beam, rafters and ridge.

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Next, our internal sheets are added underneath the GRP rafters. Our sheets are 100% waterproof and one third the weight of plasterboard.

3 –

Finally, a high quality Tapco or Metrotile roof is added. Both Tapco and Metrotile offer a classic roof finish dependant on your property and required cosmetic look.

lean to conservatory roof to tiled roof

Transform Your Lean To Conservatory With A New Roof

Here at Transforming Conservatories, we know the impact a new and improved Lean To Conservatory roof can have on not only the look but the function of your conservatory.

When it comes to Lean To Conservatories, there are 4 different roofing systems you can utilise, from the classic roof system to an aluminium roof system, the hybrid roof or our personal favourite, the Ultraroof tiled roof.

When providing you with a new roof, we intend to not only provide you with a quality roof that looks and functions to the very highest standard, but also give you with a first class customer service too.

Our roof systems are the best available, giving you peace of mind during even the most formidable weather and will also help with temperature control throughout the year.

We’ll keep you informed at every single stage too, so you know what’s happening and when. 

From our very first meeting, you’ll be given every detail, including a price. Say goodbye to hidden costs and hello to transparency and openness at every stage. 

complete lean to conservatory roof to tiled roof

If you’d like more information on our Lean To conservatory roofs and how we can transform your conservatory, simply contact our incredible team today.

From the very first phone call, you can rely on first class customer service as well as quality products, every step of the way.

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